The Video Game Collectible Catalog (VGC2) is a community-driven resource for collectors preserving the history of gaming related merchandise; a sort of blue book archive or IMDb for officially licensed products such as figures and replicas. I came up with the idea in January 2017 as an alternative way to collect (digitally) while allowing myself to be more selective with actual purchases. In other words, it's an affordable solution to a hobby that I'm extremely passionate about. After 5 months of planning / development the catalog was officially launched on June 1st, 2017.



  • Create and manage your own personal collection or wishlist and optionally share it with others.
  • Subscribe to any franchise in the catalog to be notified when new products are added.
  • Earn credits towards a giveaway with each one of your contributions.

More ways to paticipate:

  • Are you a Twitch or Youtube streamer? I'm always looking for video game footage related to collectibles that haven't been reviewed yet. If you have a game I don't, you can help by providing that footage. I'll also embed your product review from YouTube in exchange for a link back in the video description.
  • Are you a collector? If we happen to be in the same area or we'll be traveling through each other's area, I'd love to meet up for a video shoot to show off your collection, or to review a specific item in your collection.
  • Do you represent a company involved with the gaming industry? You can sponsor the catalog through Patreon, donate products towards the giveaway, or invite me behind the scenes for an exclusive look.

In addition to the website, I also create YouTube videos and occasionally stream on Twitch. Interacting with chat helps me make sure all of your questions get answered, and also helps me learn about certain details or interesting facts that I might have otherwised overlooked. I'm pretty much always lurking in Discord, and while none of the items listed in the catalog are for sale you're welcome to advertise items from your personal collection in chat to sell or trade at your own risk.

If you would like to get in touch or have any other ideas how I can improve, I am always open to constructive feedback.