Product: Micro Epics: Pathfinder

Manufacturer: Weta - Official website

Game: Apex Legends

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Released: 2020

Series: 1

Original Price: $17.99


From the scientific, un-clumsy geniuses at Weta Workshop comes the mind-boggling MICRO EPICS. Microscopic marvels that are definitely supposed to look like that, no matter what you’ve heard!

Incident Report #2: Halfway through the procedure, the little guy fired out a zipline and flew across the lab. Unfortunate.

Solution: Introduce a company-wide “No Grappling Hooks” policy. It’s long overdue.

- Stylised figure
- 4 points of articulation
- Material: PVC
- Dimensions: 2.36” x 1.77” x 0.91” (H x W x D) 60mm x 45mm x 23mm
- Comes in a stackable Perspex box with rotating turntable!

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