Product: Big Daddy Rosie Helmet Bust

Manufacturer: Nightmare Armor Studios

Game: BioShock

Developer: Irrational Games

Released: 2007

Series: 1

Edition: Promotional

Limited Quantity: 20


This helmet was commissioned as a reward for a contest in which GameStop managers would compete by getting pre-sale orders for BioShock. It has a blue light built-in that is powered by AA batteries. The letter describing this contest reads as follows:

BioShock is street-dated to release on August 21, 2007, on the Xbox 360 and the PC. 2K wants to reward your efforts in driving pre-sells on this title. 2K has commissioned the construction of 20 BioShock "busts" of the Big Daddy "Rosie" helmet (estimated value of $250), for the sole purpose of rewarding these to GameStop managers.

When: The contest begins now and will conclude on launch day, 8-21-07.

How Prize Winners Will Be Determined: A prize drawing will take place after GameStop has posted the first week of sales on BioShock. Store Managers will get their name entered into the drawing for each reservation that the store sells on BioShock. Start driving these reservations to increase your chances of winning one of these Exclusive "Big Daddy Rosie" helmets!

Reservation pick-up will be a big factor in this contest. Your goal is to not only drive reservations on this title but also to get your reservation customers back into your store within the first week of launch to purchase their game. Any BioShock reservations not picked up within the first 7 days of launch will be subtracted from your total reservation number submitted for the drawing. So, be prepared to call any of your reservation customers who did not pick up their game in the first days of launch to increase your standings in the drawing.

Prize Pay Out: 2k is commissioning 20 Exclusive Big Daddy busts in a prize drawing event. Prize drawing will be managed by GameStop, and winners will be announced within 30 days post launch.

Company Contest Plan Rules and Regulations:
To be eligible for contest prize:
- Store must be in compliance with all rules of the contest plan.
- Store Manager must be actively employed in a Store Manager position on the last day of the contest period.
- Store Manager must be actively employed in any position with GameStop at the time the contest prizes are issued.
- Store Manager must not have been issued a Probationary or First and Final corrective action during the bonus period.
- Non-picked up BioShock reservations will be subtracted from the final reservation total for prize drawing purposes.

NOTE: Falsification or willful manipulation of the data used to determine contest eligibility will result in the immediate termination of employment.

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