Product: Echo Device Replica

Manufacturer: Chronicle Collectibles - Official website

Game: Borderlands 3

Developer: 2K Games

Released: 2019

Series: 1

Original Price: $99.99


Rally your team, Vault Hunters! Put all the finishing touches on those custom weapons, gear up with the mightiest armor you can afford, and dress your fiercest. And above all, don't you dare forget to pack your updated ECHO Device, that tried-and-true workhorse from your friends at Dahl Labs.

Just one look is enough to show that the five years since the events surrounding Borderlands 2 have seem some marked improvements in the ECHO Device. The extendible antenna increases the range of communication between yourself, your team, and anyone else willing to lend you aid in your quests. The backlit graphics screen is perfectly lit, so that it's not hard on the eyes and won't alert nearby foes to your presence. And the finest quality speakers will deliver unerring alerts, and enable clear conversations with all of your allies (and the occasional adversary).

This Borderlands 3 ECHO Device Prop Replica from our friends at Chronicle Collectibles is constructed based on 3D models from Bethesda. The dents and dings combine with the weathered paint to provide the piece with a well-used look reminiscent of any portable tech long-used by a Vault Hunter. With working lights and sounds effects, the Borderlands 3 ECHO Device Prop Replica is sure to be a hit with cosplayers and Borderlands fans alike. Get yours today from Think Geek and Gamestop.

- Battery powered
- Lights
- Sound EFX used from game assets
- Extendable antenna
- Swap out backlit graphics screen

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