Product: Ring of Favor

Manufacturer: Torch Torch - Official website

Game: Dark Souls 3

Developer: FromSoftware

Released: 2018

Series: 1

Original Price: $176.00


“True to the fickle nature of Fina’s favor, her ring increases max HP, stamina, and maximum equip load.”

F4F Partnerships is proud to bring you a highly detailed ring from Torch Torch. A ring symbolizing the favor of the Goddess Fina, whose “fateful beauty” is mentioned in legend. The magical "Ring of Favor" which appears in "DARK SOULS III" increase the wearer max HP, stamina, and maximum equip load.

A unique rhomboid shape and made from brass plated silver 925. With great care and well thought out the three-dimensional design which magnificently creates a reflects a perfect blend complimenting to the new owner`s sophisticated or casual daily fashion and personal style.

With this intriguing jewellery, you will feel as though you are from the world of “Dark Souls” We dare you to wear the ULTIMATE ring!

SIZE (US / UK / Circumference):
- Men's Size S (US 8.5 / UK Q / 57.6mm)
- Men's Size M (US 9.5 / UK S / 59.7mm)
- Men's Size L (US 10-10.5 / UK T-U / 61.7mm)
- Men's Size XL (US 11 / UK V1/2 / 63.9mm)
- Ladies' Size XS (US 4 / UK H1/2 / 47.1mm)
- Ladies' Size S (US 5 / UK J / 49.2mm)
- Ladies' Size M (US 6 / UK L1/2 /51.9mm)
- Ladies' Size L (US 6.5-7 / UK M1/2 / 53.7mm)
- Ladies' Size XL (US 7.5 / UK P / 55.5mm)

*In order to reproduce the atmosphere, we intentionally rough finishing and scratching.
*The ring come with a gift box. Which are a great addition for collectors and Dark Soul fans.
*All of the products are hand made in Japan by professional craftsmen, each item may not be the same and may have a slight taste of color and details.


Sculpt: Wataru Mishima (PSYCHO MONSTERZ), Masato Ohata

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