Product: Tactical Paracord Wristband

Manufacturer: UbiCollectibles - Official website

Game: Division 2, The

Developer: Massive Entertainment

Released: 2019

Series: 1

Original Price: $19.99


Created by Ubi Workshop, this official Division 2 paracord bracelet was designed with durability and weareability in mind, for the survivalist in you. This bracelet can be disassembled to provide you with 60 inches of nylon cord, and can supports up to 550lbs. Fits in most emergency kits.

- Designed by Ubi Workshop and The Division 2 team
- 550 paracord (will support 550lbs)
- Nylon cord
- Stainless steel clasp closure with laser engraving of The Division 2 logo
- 3 size options on the clasp
- Color: orange and black

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