Product: Cyberdemon Master Art Print

Manufacturer: Gaming Heads - Official website

Game: Doom 2016

Developer: id Software

Released: 2019

Series: 1

Limited Quantity: 300

Original Price: $99.99


Gaming Heads and resident artist Bayard Wu proudly present the Cyberdemon Master Art Print -- a must have art piece any DOOM collector.

The Cyberdemon Master Art Print portrays the epic boss fight with the Cyberdemon. Partially obsured by the smoke and sparks of battle, the Cyberdemon and DOOM Slayer face off. Glare from the Cyberdemon's chest argent accumulator and one of its four eyes refract through the haze. You can almost hear its beastly roar.

The Cyberdemon Master Art Print is being printed on 300 GSM pure white cotton canvas in a limited edition of 300. The first 50 Cyberdemon Master Art Prints will be hand-signed by artist Bayard Wu.

Master Art Print details:
- Officially licensed art print
- Limited edition of 300
- 24 x 14.7" in size
- Pigment ink printed on 300 GSM pure white cotton canvas
- First 50 signed hand signed by artist Bayard Wu
- Comes with Authenticity Card, allowing you to collect the same number for future Master Art Prints in the same series.

About the artist: Bayard Wu is Gaming Heads resident artist. A renowned digital painter, illustrator and concept artist, he has worked in the games industry for over 10 years with some of the world's leading publishers and studios including Bethesda Softworks, Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Square Enix, Valve Software, etc. and brings a passion and skill to his work that is admired by many.

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