Product: Wrathstone Tablet

Manufacturer: Bethesda - Official website

Game: Elder Scrolls Online, The: Wrathstone

Developer: Bethesda

Released: 2019

Series: 1

Limited Quantity: 3000

Original Price: $60.00


“Sealed away, deep within the...”

You can battle your way through goblins, Dwemer, and the followers of Meridia to obtain your tablets, or you can add it to your cart and save yourself some time and energy.

- Desktop sculpture that splits into two halves
- Halves connect magnetically
- 3D sculpt with debossed gold accents
- Limited Edition size of 3,000
- Individually numbered
- Materials: Polyresin
- Size: 7" x 10"
- Weight: 500 grams
- Magnetic
- Stand included

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