Product: Fusion Flea 1:18 Scale Diecast Replica

Manufacturer: Wand Company - Official website

Game: Fallout

Developer: Bethesda

Released: 2018

Series: 1


Once the streets rang to the burble-whine of this plucky little car driving a generation to work and taking them on adventures for one at the weekend. Brightly coloured and jewel-like on your drive or on display, the Wand Company’s all-new Fallout Fusion Flea is a beautifully put together and highly detailed collectible prop replica of Chryslus’s neatest little three-wheel ultra-sub-compact city transport. This version has been carefully fabricated from a mix of thickly painted die-cast metal, engineering plastics and thermoplastic rubber to give a truly realistic looking product.

Designed to replicate the gift Chryslus gives its employees as a small thank-you once they had been working at the company for two years, the Fusion Flea comes complete with a commemorative hard enamel pin and specially designed, vintage postcard.

Lift the engine hood and see the nuclear glow still shining from the engine bay all these years later.

- Metallic Paint: The lustrous paint finish colour-matched to the in-game Flea
- Chromium plated: Light cowls, luggage rack and other detail neatly finished
- Die-cast: The all-metal body gives this Flea some real heft
- Collectible accessories: Commemorative enamel pin and a special postcard
- Opening canopy: Inner detail of cockpit revealed
- Opening engine hood: Engine lights up with nuclear glow when the hood is opened
- Removable nuclear core: Glow-in-the-dark core, glows green when ‘charged’ with a bright light

If you know where you’re going, send us a postcard when you get there.

Fusion Flea climbs for freedom! Imagine that freedom of the open road on a gloriously sunny day without a care in the world. Imagine never again having to worry about fuel on those long journeys: Chryslus thought of it all. The Fusion Flea’s advanced Chryslus nuclear-powered engine, that gives the Flea its catchy moniker, is fully charged once at manufacture and guaranteed for life, leaving the driver to enjoy the adventure of the open road, absolutely worry-free.

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