Product: Nuka Cola Mini Bottles 2

Manufacturer: Bethesda - Official website

Game: Fallout

Developer: Bethesda

Released: 2020

Series: 2

Original Price: $140.00


Don't waste precious time wandering the wastelands looking for some of your favorite Nuka-Cola flavors. Now you can grab the entire collection of mini Nuka-Cola replicas for your FALLOUT collection. This release of mini Nuka flavored replicas includes Cherry, Orange, Grape, Quartz and Nuka Mix!!

- Size: 4.25" tall
- Material: Plastic

Sold as individual blind boxes for $10 each, or as a $140 bundle including:
- 1 Nuka Mix Bottle
- 2 Nuka Quartz Bottles
- 2 Nuka Orange Bottles
- 3 Nuka Grape Bottles
- 4 Nuka Cherry Bottles

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