Product: Centaur Tank Construction Set

Manufacturer: Meccano - Official website

Game: Gears of War

Developer: Epic Games

Released: 2013

Series: 1

Dimensions: 2.4" x 15.8" x 9.8"


The Meccano / Erector Gears of War - Centaur Tank is a battle and assault tank. It has a hood mounted 360 degree rotating turret with a mobile cannon, 4 real-working large wheels and a mobile front tread.The Erector Gears of War - Centaur Tank features:4 figurines (Marcus Fenix & Augustus Cole from the Delta Squad and 2 Locust Drones) in 2" and 4 weapons.Building instructions, stickers & tools included. More than 120 plastic & metal parts.

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