Product: Theron Sentinel

Manufacturer: NECA - Official website

Game: Gears of War

Developer: Epic Games

Released: 2008

Series: 2

Original Price: $19.99


Theron Guards, the Queen's elite shock troops, demonstrate greater intelligence, strength and speed than average Locust Drones. They communicate their orders in hissing whispers that carry on the wind, bolstering faraway allies and sapping enemy morale. The Theron's Torque Bow fires explosive quarrels with a delayed timer, leaving just enough time to savour the enemy's fear before they explode in a fountain of blood.


The figure comes with a Torque Bow. It can be used by the figure and is inter-changeable with other figures.

The character description in the back of the box is the same as that for the Theron Guard (Action Figure) Series Two. It is unknown if this is a misprint or not.

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