Product: Kratos & Atreus Mini Figures

Manufacturer: Gaming Heads - Official website

Game: God of War 2018

Developer: SIE Santa Monica Studio

Released: 2019

Series: 1

Original Price: $24.99


From Gaming Heads comes God of War: Kratos and Atreus Mini Figures! This two pack includes a 3.5-inch-tall Kratos figure and a 2.75-inch-tall Atreus figure -- perfectly sized to display virtually anywhere. With Kratos holding his axe and Atreus with his bow at the ready, these figures are surprisingly detailed. The intricacies like Atreus's tattoo and the engravings on Kratos's axe will really stand out to fans of the game.

God of War: Kratos and Atreus Mini Figures are also available in a faux bronze paint variant. Made of high quality PVC.

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