Product: Dr. Gordon Freeman 7" Figure (Reissue)

Manufacturer: NECA - Official website

Game: Half Life 2

Developer: Valve

Released: 2018

Series: 2

Original Price: $24.99


To some, he's the savior of humanity: the One Free Man who will lead us to victory against our alien oppressors. To the Black Mesa Science Team, he's Dr. Freeman: MIT graduate, research scientist, handy with a crowbar in a pinch. But to the rest of us he's simply Gordon Freeman. Friend of Vortigaunts, protector of scientists (except for Dr. Breen), tireless foe of the endless Combine army. Gordon is everyman. He is us. When Alyx Vance gazes into Gordon Freeman's eyes and gives him that special look (you know the one), you know it's meant for you. Because you are Gordon. We all are. As long as he's on our side, humanity still has one last hope. Don't let the horn-rimmed glasses fool you: He might be a geek but he ain't no nerd.


This is a reissued figure in window-box packaging instead of the original clamshell packaging.

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