Product: MONOPOLY: Mass Effect N7 Collector's Edition

Manufacturer: USAopoly - Official website

Game: Mass Effect

Developer: BioWare

Released: 2015

Series: 1


Become the Galactic Hero You Were Born to Be When You Play Mass Effect Monopoly

The Galaxy is under attack by the Reapers, and you are its only hope for survival! Travel through space on an extensive, futuristic game board to gain allies and war assets in preparation for your final stand-off. Customized game design and collectable tokens make this game ideal for every Mass Effect fan, Human, Turian and Krogan alike! In the end there can only be one leader, so gear up for a ruthless battle to determine who will decide the fate of all sentient life. Do you have what it takes?

A Game Board that Spans the Galaxy: Gain control of the resources necessary for war by building Outposts and Space Stations across the board. The most sought after spaces, Boardwalk and Park Place, are transformed into N7 and the Spectres. Collect these and you’re sure to give the other players a run for their credits!

Monopoly Tokens to Aid in Your Quest: These collectable Monopoly tokens make it easy to scavenge for resources. From fan favorite Shifty Cow to the ever useful Omni Tool, each piece brings something unique to the table.

Cards That Reveal Your True Motives: Classic Monopoly Chance and Community Chest cards are transformed into “Renegade” and “Paragon” cards that force you to pursue either your own selfish interests or those of the galaxy as a whole. Will you ignore the council’s orders and advance to go, or strengthen a bond with your crew and collect big?

Custom Galactic Currency: Customized Monopoly Money features your favorite characters from the game, with Commander Shepard representing the largest amount at 500 credits.

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