Product: Smoke 1:4 Scale Statue (exclusive)

Manufacturer: Pop Culture Shock - Official website

Game: Mortal Kombat X

Developer: NetherRealm Studios

Released: 2017

Series: 1

Exclusive: Pop Culture Shock - Official website

Original Price: $409.99


The Most Malicious Machine in Gaming! When the Lin Kuei grandmasters grew frustrated with the performance of their clan, they opted to convert their ninja into ruthless cybernetic assassins, devoid of emotional weakness. But first they produced three prototypes.

Allow us to present...LK-7T2. Better known as SMOKE, transformed against his will, specializing in stealth and speed. His first mission? Hunt down and destroy the traitorous renegade, Sub-Zero. Pop Culture Shock Collectibles proudly presents their first 1:4 scale statues of Netherealm's merciless killer cyborgs!

Includes: Hand crafted polystone with LED eyes and chest and certificate of authenticity.

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