Product: Seeking the Celestial Brush Gods (Art Print)

Manufacturer: Cook & Becker - Official website

Game: Okami

Developer: Clover Studio

Released: 2006

Series: 1

Limited Quantity: 50

Original Price: $100.00


- Certificate of Authenticity
- Hand-numbered

Seeking the Celestial Brush Gods is a limited-edition fine art print from the official Capcom Okami art collection. This Okami print is made from original Okami concept art. The print is hand-numbered, stamped with the Clover Studio logo and embossed with the Capcom logo.

Amaterasu (天照) in Japanese mythology is the goddess of the sun. Her full name is Amaterasu-ō-mi-kami (天照大神) which means: "the great God who shines in the heaven". She is regarded as a direct anchestor of the royal Japanese family. In the cult classic Okami, Amaterasu appears in the shape of a white wolf (Okami means "wolf" in Japanese).

The adventure game Okami is probably most known for it's original, Japanese sumi-e inspired cel-shaded artwork and it's Celestial Brush gameplay: a gesture-system used by the player to draw Japanese characters and shapes to perform miracles. The print shows Amaterasu in Kamiki Village, one of the first locations in the game. That much of the Okami concept art is also drawn in a sumi-e style, is quite unique.

The game is set sometime in classical Japanese history. The game combines several Japanese myths, legends and folklore to tell the story of how the land was saved from the serpent Orochi and Yami ("darkness") by the Shinto sun goddess, named Amaterasu, who took the form of a white wolf.

The game was developed by Japanese Clover Studio and published by Capcom. The development studio does not exist anymore but the three Japanese artists that have been mostly responsible for the visual style of Okami are Takeyasu Sawaki, Kenichiro Yoshimura and Mari Shimazaki. The prints in the Okami art collection are made from their artwork. Takeyasu Sawaki is a well-know character designer and art director, known for his work on Devil May Cry and the very special game that is his brainchild, El Shaddai, Ascension of the Metatron. Takeyasu Sawaki exhibits regularly in international art galleries.

Apart from Okami, Kenichiro Yoshimura and Mari Shimazaki are also known for their fantastic character designs for video game Bayonetta and costumes for Soul Calibur.

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