Product: D.Va 20.25" Statue

Manufacturer: Blizzard - Official website

Game: Overwatch

Developer: Blizzard

Released: 2017

Series: 1

Original Price: $450.00


"Let's shoot for a new high score!" South Korea is under threat by a colossal omnic monstrosity. Scrambling to find suitable candidates for its armored MEKA unit, the government turned to the nation's professional gamers. Enter reigning world champion Hana Song, a.k.a., "D.Va," a fierce competitor who plays to win at all costs and has a well-earned reputation for showing no mercy to her opponents. Seeing her new mission as a game, the global icon is ready to spring to her homeland's defense at a moment's notice.

Measures 20.25"/51.4 cm (floor to head). Base is 13.375"/34 cm in diameter. Note: Each statue is hand painted, there may be a slight variance in the final production piece.


Artist Credits:
- Dominic Qwek (Sculpt)
- Ehren Bienert (Sculpt)
- Laurel Austin (Paint)
- Arnold Tsang (Art Direction)
- Blizzard Animation
- Overwatch Development Team

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