Product: PUBG 14" Foam Frying Pan Replica (exclusive)

Manufacturer: JINX - Official website

Game: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Developer: Bluehole Studio Inc

Released: 2018

Series: 1

Exclusive: ThinkGeek - Official website

Original Price: $29.99


Winner winner chicken dinner!

In the real world, cast iron pans have a lot of bonuses. They don't end up leaching various non-stick coatings into your food; they leach iron, which your body actually needs. Over time they can be seasoned to fit your tastes perfectly. And one that PUBG players can identify with: they're dang near indestructible. But one thing they are not? Lightweight.

Immediately improve your chances of not being shot in the back* by carrying one of these PUBG 1:1 Foam Frying Pan Replicas. A full-scale replica, it'll look great covering your butt during your cosplay, but it also works if you hang it in your living room or from your pot rack for extra irony. Get it? Cast iron? Irony? Okay. We're going home now.

* Note: These frying pans do not actually deflect bullets. Sorry.

Product Specifications:
- PUBG 1:1 Foam Frying Pan Replica
- Officially-licensed PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds merchandise
- A ThinkGeek / GameStop exclusive
- From our friends at J!nx
- A full-scale replica of the infamous bulletproof frying pan from PUBG
- Actual size - great for cosplay
- Just don't hit people with it, k?
- Materials: Foam
- Imported
- Dimensions: 14"
- Weight: lighter than a cast iron pan, for sure
- Subject to change pending licensor approval.
- Ages 14+


Notes: Exclusive to ThinkGeek and GameStop.

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