Product: Resident Evil 3: The Board Game

Manufacturer: Steamforged Games - Official website

Game: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Developer: Capcom

Released: 2020

Series: 1


True survival horror returns to the tabletop in this spine-tingling campaign game that will have you sleeping with the lights on... Based on Capcom’s classic Resident Evil 3: Nemesis video game, Resident Evil 3: The Board Game is a cooperative campaign game for 1-4 players.

Playing as a survivor trapped in Raccoon City, you must fight to survive the nightmare and make your escape—but with unknown terrors waiting around every corner, can you handle the suspense?

Feel the fear as you fight to stay alive in a city overrun by monsters... Exploring Raccoon City as an open world, you’ll need to work together to search for items and make meaningful choices on how to progress. Every decision counts. And the city danger level is rising.

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