Product: Ceramic Tankard Mug

Manufacturer: Microsoft - Official website

Game: Sea of Thieves

Developer: Rare

Released: 2019

Series: 1

Original Price: $31.25


It doesn’t get much more Sea of Thieves than this! This oversized tankard is designed not only to look like the actual tankards in the game, but also to hold beverages, just like the real thing! Probably better than the real thing, because it wasn’t made by a lazy, drunken Bilge Rat.

When you really want to Be More Pirate, take a mighty swig from this detailed, chunky vessel that captures the larger-than-life art style of Sea of Thieves. Just imagine quaffing a grog (or tea, or carbonated beverage, etc) from this iconic tankard as you take the helm and set sail for adventure. Wherever you are, this is the ideal way to take a little of the pirate life with you and keep the dream alive.

This durable, ceramic tankard captures the wood and leather look of tankards in-game while being rather a lot more reliable and less… splintery. Though it is not microwaveable (for authenticity, of course), it is official and shiny and each order through our store comes with a DLC code for the in-game Onyx Tankard to ensure that your digital pirate doesn’t get jealous of your real-life swagger.

Here’s to the next adventure. Cheers!

- The Tankard holds 1035ml (35oz)
- Hand Wash Only
- Do Not Microwave
- *DLC code will be emailed once the tankard is dispatched

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