Product: Cammy 1:12 Scale Action Figure (Green Battle Costume / exclusive)

Manufacturer: Storm Collectibles - Official website

Game: Street Fighter V

Developer: Capcom

Released: 2019

Series: 1

Exclusive: San Diego Comic Con

Original Price: $85.00


Cammy is a clone created by Shadaloo to be an elite soldier. She lost her memory, and was found by the British Special Forces unit Delta Red. Though she now dedicates herself to destroying Shadaloo, there are still those who doubt her, fearing that she’s a Shadaloo spy. Cammy tries to get on with her new life, with the support of her Delta Red members. The Comic Con Exclusive is adorned in her Player 2 Green Outfit.

- 3 x interchanging heads
- 3 x interchanging hair style
- 4 x interchanging hands
- 2 x special move effect

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