Product: New Devon (Art Print)

Manufacturer: Cook & Becker - Official website

Game: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Developer: Naughty Dog

Released: 2016

Series: 1

Limited Quantity: 70

Original Price: $105.00


- Hand-numbered, signed
- Certificate of Authenticity

The flooded valley near Captain Avery’s mansion is probably the most surreal of places Nathan Drake encounters in adventure video game Uncharted 4. This early concept of that place shows old towers that peer out from the water like creepy sentinels. This concept image is made by Naughty Dog environmental artist Eytan Zana. The sunken town has an ominous feel to it, a warning perhaps: next, Nathan Drake will find himself in a pirate ship graveyard before entering Uncharted 4’s story climax.

New Devon is an original art print from concept art used in the production of Uncharted 4. This museum-grade limited edition is hand-numbered and comes with an artist-signed certificate of authenticity.

Uncharted 4: a Thief’s End is a PlayStation video game released in 2016. It is the final chapter in a series of games starring adventurer and treasure hunter Nathan Drake. Upon release the game was hailed for it's unrivaled video game blockbuster storytelling, seamless gameplay and graphical beauty.

In cooperation with Naughty Dog studios, Cook & Becker proudly presents a series of unique prints of original Uncharted 4 concept art, made by outstanding concept- and environmental artists Eytan Zana, John Sweeney, Nick Gindraux, Hyoung Taek Nam, and series art director Robh Ruppel.

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