Product: Little Buddies Flowey Vinyl

Manufacturer: Happy Worker - Official website

Game: Undertale

Developer: Toby Fox

Released: 2017

Series: 2

Original Price: $15.00


Bring these adventurers along with you on your journeys through Mt. Ebott! Continuing the fun from Little Buddies Series 1, Series 2 now introduces Flowey, Alphys, Undyne, Mettaton, and Temmie to the party.

Keep your friends close, and enemies closer!

- The 5 figures that make up Series 2 stand between 2.5" - 3.6" tall
- Figures and their bases are made of high quality PVC and ABS plastics
- Flowey comes with 6 swappable faces
- All figures are carefully hand painted, with great DETERMINATION
- Figures are available packaged individually, or in a gift set that includes all 5 characters


Conceived by: Toby Fox
Designed and Modeled by: Fangamer and Gijs van Kooten
Made with Happiness by: Happy Worker
Distributed with Determination by: Fangamer

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