Product: Little Buddies Human Vinyl

Manufacturer: Happy Worker - Official website

Game: Undertale

Developer: Toby Fox

Released: 2016

Series: 1

Original Price: $15.00


Guide the human on their quest to escape Mt. Ebott and return to the surface. Encountering perils and monsters galore, with each of these Little Buddies you will choose whether to FIGHT them or provide MERCY. You can pretend you are a Human, bake a butterscotch cinnamon pie with your Goatmom (Toriel), laze about with Sans, go on a date with Papyrus (warning: friend-zone not included), and overstimulate Lesser Dog with petting (it's possible that you may have a problem).

Please adjust yourself to the sight of these Little Buddies, as they stand between 2.5" - 3.6" tall. These vinyl figures are carefully hand painted.


Designed by: Toby Fox
Designed and Modeled by: Fangamer and Gijs van Kooten
Made with Happiness by: Happy Worker
Distributed with Determination by: Fangamer

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