Product: Geralt Ronin 12" Statue

Manufacturer: CD Projekt RED

Game: Witcher 3, The: Wild Hunt

Developer: CD Projekt RED

Released: 2019

Series: 1


Though Slavic by birth, Geralt is an archetypal hero who appears in many cultures. A monster hunter for hire and wandering swordsmaster in search of a greater purpose. Inspired by medieval Japan, this hand-painted 12 inch polystone figure depicts Geralt of Rivia as a Rōnin monster hunter.

A tale frozen in time.

Set in the Koyasan Cemetery in Japan, the scene depicts Geralt preparing to fight the local Oni - or demons. Accompanied and guided by a friendly Tatarimokke spirit, the witcher will need to use every trick in his arsenal to prevail.

A masterwork of detail.

We spent dozens of hours designing, sculpting and refining every texture, edge and curve. Each Geralt Rōnin Figure is carefully hand-painted basing on the color scheme prototyped by award-winning miniature painter Jarosław “Camelson” Drabek.

The Geralt Rōnin Figure comes with two meticulously crafted, changeable heads. Each head features a different hairstyle and beard, letting you customize the look of the witcher.

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