Product: Hanzou Hattori 1:12 Scale Figure

Manufacturer: Storm Collectibles - Official website

Game: World Heroes Perfect

Developer: ADK

Released: 2019

Series: 1

Original Price: $85.00


Storm Collectibles proudly introduces our new gaming action figure license - World Heroes Perfect (ワールドヒーローズ パーフェクト); a 1995 fighting arcade game, its the fourth and final title of the World Heroes series. The first character to be released; Hanzou Hattori - the protagonist of the World Heroes series. Hanzou is the young and rigorous leader of the Iga clan, he carries his iconic weapon, Masamune, a ninja sword and the powerful special move, Koh Ryu Ha with the dragon effect.

- 3 x Interchanging Head Sculpt
- 2 x Masamune
- 1 x Rekko Zan Effect
- 1 x Koh Ryu Ha Effect
- 4 x Pairs of hand

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