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Minecraft Action Figures Series 1-3 by Jazwares Target goal: 50,000

Grand prize: Minecraft Action Figures Series 1-3 by Jazwares

Jazwares was among the first companies licensed to produce products for Minecraft before the franchise was purchased by Microsoft in late 2014. Since then, additional companies such as Lego and Mattel have also joined the mix.

The 1st place winner will receive every Jazwares Minecraft action figure that has been released from series 1-3 new in package. As our first giveaway, the choice for this prize is to commemorate the first figures ever added to the catalog for testing purposes, before the website was officially launched. Additionally, these are the first figures I decided to review.

Please note that this prize is for the retail action figures only and DOES NOT include exclusive figures, plushies, papercraft series, etc. For anyone who loves Minecraft, this would be a great addition or start to your collection, or an amazing gift for a friend!

How it works

When the target goal in credits have been accumulated amongst all users for contributions (or on the website's June 1st anniversary, whichever comes first), there will be a random drawing for a giveaway. Three winners are then selected and the credit counter will reset with a new milestone to reach.

  • 1st place: A gift box including one or more items featured in the catalog for your collection; details above
  • 2nd place: Your choice of any VGC2 brand merchandise
  • 3rd place: Keep your earned credits to rollover towards the next giveaway

Each credit you earn enters you for a chance to win; credits are awarded when you contribute at the following levels:

I'm too lazy

  • Subscribe to a qualifying tier through Patreon or purchase VGC2 brand merchandise (+1 or more credits)

Sure, gimme a challenge

  • Improve a product in the catalog by contacting me with additional images, missing information, or a correction along with a reliable source (+1 credit)


  • Submit a product not currently featured in the catalog including all relevant details along with at least one decent quality image. (+5 credits)

Your e-mail will be requested in order to help track your contributions, to notify you when your contribution has been approved or rejected, and to let you know if you're a winner in the giveaway. All winners are expected to reply within 2 weeks or risk being disqualified. Prizes can be shipped internationally, but winners are responsible for any additional costs such as duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees.

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