I don't have online ordering setup yet, and I don't consider it a priority, so for the time being items are only available by request. Payments are accepted through Paypal. Shirt sizes are unfortunately limited; however, you may request a size not currently listed below if you don't mind a longer wait. Prices include shipping.

Long-sleeve shirt Long-sleeve shirt - XL - $25.00

These long-sleeve shirts featuring the VGC2 80's retro themed logo are screen printed, 50/50 cotton & polyester to help prevent shrinking, available in navy blue.

Vinyl deval adhesive sticker Vinyl decal adhesive sticker - $3.00

Stickers measure 6" x 4". Great for your car, tablet, or... Wherever they will stick? Hopefully somewhere they won't need to be removed!

VIP Badge VIP Badge - $5.00

Complimentary to all Tier 6 Patreon subscribers or otherwise very important people (ie, handed out as business cards). Who knows where it might grant you access...?